Tender Claws creates at the intersection of art and technology. We are directors, writers, designers, and coders that blur the boundaries of design, publishing, cinema, installation and virtual reality.

Our previous project PRY was selected by Apple as one of the top 25 Apps of 2015.

Tender Claws' latest release Virtual Virtual Reality is a game about VR, AI and our collective sci-fi hallucinations.


10 years ago, media artists Danny Cannizzaro and Samantha Gorman began collaborating on projects as diverse as webart of a medieval manuscript to virtual reality poetry. Recognized by the MacDowell Colony, they were given a residency to rethink how story and tech could meaningfully merge. This time spent in a cabin in the woods would eventually become PRY. Tender Claws has grown in size to take on new challenges and commissions, while remaining true to its origins in creating hybrid, interactive experiences. We strongly believe in a reciprocal creative process: one that requires deep attention to content and deep consideration of the affordances of a technology.