Tender Claws



Tender Claws is an art/games studio that makes everything from AR fish that feed on your emotions to giant sentient talking sticks of butter. Our first release PRY was one of Apple’s top Apps of 2015 and an IGF Finalist. Our VR game “Virtual Virtual Reality” (VVR), a comedy satire about VR in VR, won “Best VR Experience” at the Google Play Awards 2017. Most recently, we previewed our newest project at Sundance called “The Under Presents”— a hybrid between VR and Immersive Theater coming to Quest in 2019.

Experienced Unity Game Developer

We’re looking for an experienced unity developer to come join our team in LA. You’ll be responsible for gameplay programming, general systems engineering, as well as optimization. Ideally, you have experience in mobile VR.

Preferences Expertise with the Unity game engine. Experience with Photon. Successfully shipped one or more networked game titles in the past.

Associate Producer

Tender Claws is releasing The Under Presents, an experience where live immersive theater meets VR, we are looking for an Associate Producer to help coordinate the actors in the virtual and the real worlds this is one of the first non-location based cohort of live actors to work inside VR. We will be working in an exciting new territory and creating our own workflows therefore, we need a strong team player with good people skills and who can also work independently. This is a 6 month Part time, temporary contract.

TO APPLY Send an introductory email with relevant experience and the title of the job you are applying for on the subject line, links to portfolio (please specify project roles) and resume to: jobs@tenderclaws.com